The DGMS community has taken up three mission responsibilities in order to provide a mission experience for the brothers who are in formation. They are namely: participating in the mission of Don Guanella Rehabilitation Centre; Evening school and weekend ministry in various parishes. We educate our confreres to become physio-therapists, occupational therapists, MSW, Counselors, nurses, Special educators, musicians, and professional administrators. Theologians are encouraged to pursue some correspondence studies, together with theological studies, for those who wish and if the course is relevant to our mission.

The educational service of the Guanellian Mission is seen as a way of evangelizing and as a specific contribution to the mission of the Church. In keeping with this spirit of the mission, this home has, as its main objective, the noble task of helping the orphan and semi-orphan boys to achieve excellence in education. Our mission has a specific system of life and education.

Mode of Selection
We select the candidate only with the knowledge and recommendation of the parish priest. We collect all possible particulars and dates about the candidate, his family, and his social, moral, and economical background. We select the children who are not only Christian but also some from other faith communities according to their need.


Our system of life, education and formation rests entirely on charity. Considered by Fr. Guanella as the infallible rule of religious education, our education is inspired by God’s own style. To give more concern to individual formation, a group system has been introduced. The residents of the house, numbering 125, have been divided into four groups. Each group consists of boys from 6th to 12th standard. Either a regent or warden is in charge of each group. We give importance to the physical, psychological and intellectual formation.

Therefore, we pay particular attention to all those factors favoring a family atmosphere, acceptance, generosity in reciprocal service and sincere interest in the growth of one another. Every step of the way we bring to them the heart of a father or mother, of a brother or sister, traveling the same road toward their greater wellbeing. We also give spiritual formation, spiritual retreat, catechism and moral’s class.