The Guanella Media and Communication Centre was inaugurated on 9 July 2010 in Cuddalore. The Guanella Media and Communication Centre’s mission is to propagate the Charism, Mission, Spirit and Style of St. Louis Guanella our Founder through the media method of printing, audio and visual means.

Through the initiative of this Center, the Guanellian bi-monthly magazine is published, in Tamil, under the heading Anbin Suvadugal. This magazine carries much current news of the Church, Congregation, Society and Politics. It reaches around 2000 readers in the world.

The magazine is sent through E-Mail for those who are living abroad. This magazine is full of information, essays, poems, jokes and competitions. This center plays a vital role in spreading the Guanellian mission through Audio-video and in the form of writings. It also publishes many writings of the congregation and the traditional prayers of the local language.

At the time of the Canonization of our Founder, the Centre carried forward certain good initiatives. A Documentary Film on ‘Guanellians in India’ was prepared with the help of ‘Santhom Communication Centre’. It illustrated the life, spirit and mission of the Servants of charity (SdC) and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence (DSMP) in India.

The movie was prepared in the form of a DVD and projected on the day of Canonization celebrations in India and it is well distributed among the people. An Anthem for the Canonization was prepared in Tamil. It will also be registered in DVD.

We have created an official website for Guanella Communication Centre, Cuddalore as a way to collaborate with the Communication Centre in USA. It carries the news from each of the Communities of our Province in India. The Possible domain address is www.guanellaindia.com.