The parish church, named after “Our Lady of Divine Providence”, is located in the north bypass road, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. The parish has been newly established and belongs to the diocese of Kumbakonam. It was bifurcated from the cathedral parish as a separate parish and entrusted to the congregation of the Servants of Charity in the year 2006. There are 570 families in our parish and the total Catholic population is around 2200.

The so-called Dalit Christians who are socially outcast people are the majority, forming 90 percent of our parish population. Our parish is subdivided into 17 substations (villages)-ten of which have small chapels. We fulfill their spiritual needs by administering the sacraments, teaching Catholic catechism, organizing pilgrimages for our parish associations, arranging recollection days, reading and praying with the Word of God, etc.


Foundation               : 2006
Diocese                     : Kumbakonam
Specific Mission      : Pastoral Care
Sub-Stations             :17
Catholics                   : 2916


Guanella  Nagar North by –Pass Road
MelaCavvony  Post
Kumbakonam –Tanjore (Dt.)
Tamil Nadu South India – 612002
Tel                         : 0091/435/2442548
E-mail                   :  oldp.kumbakonam@gmail.com