In our parish church, we recognize the different existing parish movements.

1.The pastoral council

The pastoral council was started by Fr. Maria Arokiadoss in the year 2012.There are 25 members on the council. The Pastoral Council serves as a planning and advisory board to the Pastor to aid in serving the needs of the parish. The Council shares in the decision making process by assisting the Pastor in determining and evaluating the parish vision, mission, goals and objectives that improve the quality of life in the community. They assist also in maintaining financial equilibrium in the parish.

2. Guanellian Youth movement
This movement was started in the presence of Very Rev. Fr. Alfonso Crippa and Fr. Lippoli on 11-02.07.They gather once a month to decide or take initiatives in the parish activities. They are 25 in number and are it includes both male and female.Evangelizing and empowering the youth and the youth apostolate in the diocese of Kumbakonam.

The purpose of our youth group is as follows:

  • Evangelizing and empowering the youth and the youth apostolate in the diocese of Kumbakonam.
  • Create a social network where the youth interact with fellow youths addressing the challenges of youth.
  • Develop and promote potentials and talents of the youth

3. Guanellian co- operators

This movement was started with few members in the august presence of Fr. Luigi on 9-03-08. They really render their helping hands for the growth of our parish. They come together, on the 2nd Sunday of every month, for planning and deciding the monthly activities. The members are 37 in number, 31 men and 6 women.

4. Legion of Mary

On the first and third Saturday of every month, they come together for praying and sharing about pious activities. They help the people to grow in piety and devotion. They are more than 30 in number.

5. Friends of mercy

This is another organization where they come together to do some charitable work.

Catechism for children: We divide the children into various groups and mainly concentrate on their spiritual growth and good conduct.

Visiting the sick and needy: We go together as community to visit all the sick and suffering.

House – blessing: Twice a year, the priests visit all the houses and bless them.

6. Liturgical Activities

We organize people to participate in the liturgical activities during all of the Sundays of the month.

First Sunday – The elderly take care of the Liturgy of the mass.
Second Sunday- The middle age people take care of the liturgy
Third Sunday – The youngsters animate the liturgy
Fourth Sunday- The children are encouraged to take care of the liturgy.

7. Education Assistance program

  • 35 children are educated through our Sponsorship. Here we pay school fees, uniform, stretching charges and medical help.
  • We organize 13 tuition centers in various villages for the poor children.  More than 300 children are benefitting from our tuition centers. We also give them biscuits everyday.
  • The Teachers of all the tuition centers come together to learn the preventive method, English knowledge and they discuss how they handle the children.  The teachers come together once a month to discuss their centers’ activities and the situation of the students.
  • We have, twice a year, a meeting for the parents of the sponsored children.
  • There is an annual sports day for the tuition children.