Sagaya Matha Parish

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Parish, Samupillai Nagar

In 1984 Fr. S.J. Arputham, after his retirement from the diocese of Raipur, built a chapel at Samupillai Nagar and later he arranged for construction of a house for a priest there. In 1992, the retired Bishop came and stayed in Samupillai Nagar and rendered his pastoral service to the zonal area.

The Church, as a sub-station, belonged to the parish of Our Lady of Carmel, Pudukkuppam, Cuddalore. In the year 1993, Fr. John Bosco, first Indian priest of the Servants of Charity, arrived in Cuddalore and offered his service to the Church. In the same year, the parish was announced as a sub-station in the presence of Bishop Micheal Augustine. Fr. John Bosco was the first Parish Priest when it was still the sub-station.

Fr. Gabriel was appointed a Parish Priest when the church became a separate Parish. Then the Church underwent much development in the periods of Rev. Frs. Thanasekar, Roosewelt and Ronald. The parish includes 190 families with a population 850 Catholics and it is gradually increasing. There are different substations, without chapel, which belongs to the parish.

. They are, 1. Nehru Nagar, 2. Thirumalai Nagar, 3. A.R.P. Line, 4. Pudukuppam, 5. M.G.R. Nagar. The Guanellian Sisters reside in the parish and operate a hostel for women and regularly help the parish with the liturgical celebrations. We have a minor seminary for the formation of candidates. We also help the poor and orphan boys in the Don Guanella Boys Home and they are a visible mission in the parish.