St. Joseph’s Seminary, as the first house, is called the Mother House of the Servants of Charity (Guanellians) in India. In the year 1986, the dream and desire of St. Louis Guanella came true because of the tireless work of Rev. Frs. Domenico Sagginario, Tito Credaro, Piero Lippoli, Umberto Brugnoini, Stephen Fernando, and other priests from India.

On 11th January 1993, the first community was established in Samupillai Nagar, close to a small church called Sagaya Madha Parish. Since 1986, a number of seminarians were studying in different seminaries of Tamilnadu, but the pioneers felt the need of a structure for the young seminarians to be trained according to the Charism of the Congregation On 24th October 1993, Rev. Bishop. Michael Augustine blessed the foundation stone and in June 1994, established the first Guanellian house in Samupillai Nagar.

Established in 1993, this is the first Guanellian seminary in India. Its mission is to provide the initial education of young men who are in search of God’s vocation to the Guanellian way of life. There are over 90 seminarians who are discerning the priesthood. They also receive the opportunity to finish their college degrees after completing their initial formation.


The Educational assistance programme is the result of the tireless work of our confreres, namely Fr. Peter Sebastian, Fr. Paul Arockia Raj, Fr. Ronald, and all the other confreres of our community. This small charitable service to the society sprouted in the year 2008 on October 25th. There are poor children who cannot afford to pay school fees and other study materials and there has been no proper guidance to grow for then to grow in knowledge and wisdom. At the same time, the poor situation of the family does not permit them to do so, therefore, as Guanellians, we studied the difficult situation of those most needy and initiated this Educational Assistance programme for the poor children.

In the initial stage, we were operating this Educational assistance programme with local resources. In the year 2009, with the help if Signora Valentina and Co, we were able to organize a tuition centre in two different places: one centre functioned in our Parish as “ SagayaMatha Evening School” ( Group 1) with 27 poor children, and the other centre functioned in our seminary as “ St. Joseph’s Evening School” ( Group 2) with 35 poor children .So all together 62 poor children are receiving benefits through this educational assistance programme.

“Give in four hands what you received with two hands”
– Fr. Guanella.
To give life to these words of our founder Saint Louis Guanella, the Guanellian fathers in Cuddalore eagerly decided to continue the educational assistance programme for this academic year, in St. Joseph’s Seminary. As per the decision, the evening tuition programme was started for the academic year 2012-2013, on June 2, 2012, through the abundant blessings of our founder St. Louis Guanella.

In order to fulfill the wish and will of our founder, this institution has been helping the students who are from very poor families. The fathers and brothers of our Cuddalore community together visit every door of each student and observe the poverty of their family. In order to reduce their burdens, our fathers assure them of helping their children spiritually, physically, intellectually and economically.

According to the program, students from LKG to 12th STD are gathered and given free educational guidance by the help of three professionals who have very generously dedicated their time and knowledge for the growth of the poor students. Students are not only given educational guidance alone. They are also given opportunities to improve in extracurricular activities such as sports, computer education and cultural activities.

To make students energetic, they are provided some eatables as refreshment. When there is a power interruption, they are given generator power in order to continue their studies. Special and serious care is given for the 10th and 12th students to prepare themselves for their public exams. Most of them are from a rural family situation and subsequently they may not think much about their future. In order to make them clear about their future, they are given career guidance courses by the well-versed faculties.

The students who are not even able to pay their school fees are identified, and they are given economic assistance to pay their fees. Whenever they are in struggle to nurse themselves with good medicines, they are given assistance to go for appropriate medical treatment.


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